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A reward program that pays you back!

General Information

The Owner Advantage Rewards Program is brought to you by Ford Motor Company and the Ford or Lincoln Dealership at which you enrolled in the Program. The Program, including but not limited to rewards generated and/or redeemed, is only applicable to the dealership at which you have enrolled. Membership is valid only at the dealership that enrolled you. Each dealership is independently owned and operated and program benefits may vary.


Earning Rewards

As a member of the Program, you may earn Service Rewards: a one-time $10 enrollment bonus, a 5% reward on the amount you pay for qualifying parts and services purchased at your dealership, rounded down to the nearest penny, and a complimentary oil change. At Ridenour Auto Group, the 5% rewards can be redeemed on any parts and/or service purchase, excluding oil changes. For every four (4) oil changes you purchase you will receive your fifth (5) one free.


Reward calculations are based upon dollars paid at checkout on eligible purchases. Eligible purchases do not include program rewards, any other deductions to the amount directly paid by you, applicable taxes and/or fees, warranty repairs, body shop repairs, fleet or wholesale purchases, or other charges determined by Ford or your dealership.


Membership in the Program at your dealership is open to U.S. residents (excluding U.S. territories) who are 18 years of age or older. There is no fee to enroll and membership can be canceled at any time without penalty.