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Donation Request

Here at Ridenour Auto Group we are always wanting to give back to the community. We give careful consideration to all requests for charitable contributions. The primary focus of our donations/sponsorships is local. While we may support national causes with local affiliates, our emphasis is on helping community organizations most whose efforts benefit New Lexington and surrounding areas in Perry County. We realize the need in our community is great, but our resources are limited. To allow for a fair review of funding requests, please complete the form and submit it with you organization's flyer or letter. Please return to: 


Ridenour Auto Group

Attn: Rebecca Sidwell

500 W Broadway St

New Lexington, Ohio 43764


Once your request is received we will go over all the information you have provided. Once a decision is made, if approved for a donation/sponsorship, we will contact you. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact Rebecca at 740-342-5146.


INSTRUCTIONS: Right click on the image and hit "save image as". Once the file is saved, go to the folder you saved the file in, right click and select print from the drop down menu. You may also request a form to be mailed to you with a self addressed envelope and a stamp, or you can always pick up the form in person from the front office.